Frequently Asked Questions

The prices of your homes are considerably below those of other Contractors. How can you afford to offer prices so low?

Our volume allows us to purchase building materials at prices considerably below what the average Builder pays. These savings are passed on to our Customers in the way of lower prices.

The prices of your homes are considerably below those of other Contractors. One Contractor we spoke with said you must be using second grade materials. What is the quality of the materials used in your homes?

Tinker Residential Construction, Inc. only uses first quality materials. All materials meet or exceed the building code requirements adopted by the State Of Tennessee.

Is Tinker Residential Construction a licensed Builder?

Tinker Residential Construction, Inc. is a Tennessee licensed small commercial and residential builder. Contractor License ID Number 00043066. Tinker Residential Construction, Inc. is also a member in good standing with the National Association of Home Builders.

Does Tinker Residential Construction carry insurance on the subcontractors who perform construction?

The State Of Tennessee requires all persons working in the construction trade with one or more employees to carry Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance. Tinker Residential Construction, Inc. carries both liability and workers compensation insurance. This is important because, should someone sustain an injury while working on your home, the home owner may be liable for medical bills and lost wages if dealing with an uninsured Contractor.

Are Tinker Residential Construction homes completely finished?

All of our homes are priced at near 100% completion, and include such items as floor coverings, lighting, kitchen cabinets, bath sinks, tubs/showers, and closet shelving. Items not included but available at an additional cost; are septic systems, wells, tap fees, driveways, sidewalks, backfilling/landscaping, connection of water, sewer and gas to the home, permits, site excavation and preparation, temporary construction power and water.

Can I do some of the work on my home in order to save money?

Yes, many of our Customers perform labor on their homes, sometimes referred to as sweat equity. If you furnish us with a list of the labor you wish to supply we will give you a list of the credits you will receive for your labor.

How long will it take to build my home?

It is difficult to give an exact time frame for the completion of a home. There are many factors that affect the length of construction. Examples of items affecting the length of the construction process: accessibility to the construction site, adverse weather conditions, utility issues, size and configuration of the home, attached garages, basements, hardwood, laminate and/or ceramic floor coverings, change orders, scheduling issues, inspections, and the time of the year, just to mention a few. As a rule of thumb we estimate approximately 150 – 180 days for construction for most of our standard homes.

Are appliances included with your homes?

We include the water heater and the range hood. We offer an option for an appliance package, at an additional cost, for our Customers who need appliances.

My lot is not level, can you build a home on an un-level lot?

Our homes are priced for construction on a level lot with an allowance for an average 24" foundation height. Most construction sites are not 100% level. Usually it is as simple as adding a few extra blocks in the foundation. Additional billing is required for any block required in excess of our 24" foundation height allowance.

Will Tinker Residential Construction handle the installation of my well and septic system?

Yes, we can handle every aspect of the construction process. Items not normally included with our home can be priced and included in your contract price. We provide a listing of available options for your use in deciding what items you would want us to provide.